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Co-creation communities:

Just want to start co-creating yourself? Visit this website to get a list of platforms where you can get started!
Want to know more about co-creation in the Netherlands, visit this page!
To get a (Dutch) overview of all co-creation/crowdsourcing actors check out this nice infographic!

Some interesting people who blog about co-creation:

Presentations / videos

HYVE ‘Co-creation in New Product Development'(2011)

FACE Agency: Why firms co-create (2009)

Frank Piller: Open Innovation & Customer Co-Creation (2010)

9010 Group: Co-creation case studies 

Insites Consulting: Power to the People (2012) 

HYVE: Nivea collaborative innovation with customers (2012) 


Gouillart & Ramaswamy  discuss their book ‘The power of co-creation’ (2010):
A case-study rich introduction to the ways leading businesses are using interactive platforms to generate powerful results by co-creating”

David Midgley provides insights from his book, ‘The Innovation Manual‘ (2009)
The Innovation Manual shows how to create value in the minds of the customers and identifies the five key tasks the organization needs to perform to do this.”

A presentation about Charles Leadbeaters’ book ‘We Think’ (2008):
“More people than ever can participate in culture, contributing their ideas, views, information. The web allows them not just to publish but to share and connect, to collaborate and when the conditions are right, to create, together, at scale. That is why the web is a platform for mass creativity and innovation.”

Steven van Belleghem ‘The Conversation Manager
“Over the past years, the internet has evolved from a static to a social platform. This evolution has an impact on the way consumers communicate and take purchasing decisions. Unfortunately, most advertisers have failed to evolve along. Traditional advertising no longer works. Advertisers need to change their day- to-day working methods. The gap between the contemporary consumer and the traditional advertiser is growing on a daily basis. This era is not the end of the advertising market, though it is the end of the advertiser

Eric von Hippel ‘Democratizing Innovation’ (2005) Download it for FREE
“Innovation is rapidly becoming democratized. Users, aided by improvements in computer and communications technology, increasingly can develop their own new products and services. These innovating users—both individuals and firms—often freely share their innovations with others, creating user-innovation communities and a rich intellectual commons. Eric von Hippel explains why and when users find it profitable to develop new products and services for themselves and reveal their innovations freely for the use of all.”

Stefan Lindegaard ‘Making Open Innovation Work’ (2011) Download it for FREE
Stefan explores the open innovation intersection between big and small companies by covering the following topics:

  • Why big companies need small companies as part of their open innovation ecosystems.
  • The benefits of open innovation – and the challenges it poses for companies of different sizes.
  • Case studies illustrating open innovation between big and small companies.
  • How to identify and develop the people who will drive open innovation within an organization.
  • How to use social media tools to build your open innovation capabilities and attract partnerships.


Or have another look at my paper ‘The co-creative consumer’ and check out the reference list

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