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MSc thesis results available!

April 19, 2012

Good news! Finally I can share my MSc thesis results with you!

Co-creation is the process where consumers closely collaborate with brands for the purpose of developing or improving products/services. The process can result in a tangible new product, but it can also affect consumer perceptions of a brand. Consumers are positively influenced by knowing that other consumers were part of  NPD and that the brand has opened up to collaborate with them.

This shows from my MSc thesis results (see full document), which focused on the impact of co-creation on the perceptions of non-participative consumers. It is meaningful to know the impact on non-participative consumers (consumers who do not co-create) considering that only a small percentage of consumers actively co-create (1-3 %). Perceptions are important drivers of consumer behaviour and influence brand associations and relations. My study answers the following sub questions:

  • Are co-created brands perceived as more authentic and sincere?
  • Does co-creation affect the extent to which consumers relate to brands?
  • Does co-creation strengthen brand trust and commitment?
  • Do consumers evaluate co-created products differently than non co-created products?
  • Does co-creation influence behavioural intentions toward a product?
  • Do product/ brand familiarity moderate the effects on perceptions?

For my MSc thesis I was sponsored by Insites Consulting, who have now published a summary of the results on their blog. In this post I would like to thank Insites again for their enthousiasm, support and collaboration. A special thanks to Martijn van Bijnen, Tom de Ruyck, Niels Schillewaert and Steven van Belleghem. I learned a lot and enjoyed working with you!

Now, through my new job as Dialogue Manager at MWM2, I am putting learnings to practice to take our shared field of expertise forward: market research through dialogues and online communities.

Still to come

My MSc thesis results are planned to be published in the Dutch magazine Tijdschrift voor Marketing. Also, we are now finalising an academic article, to be submitted to the Journal of Product Innovation. Exciting stuff: I’ll keep you posted!

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